Re-elaboration of the work “Spaccaparole” by Nanni Balestrini


aims to enhance cultural exchange and enrichment through translation.
Act of communication

Far from being a mere decoding and recoding process, we consider translation an act of communication, in which two cultures meet, modify and enrich each other. Every text is an ever-changing, unique whole, criss-crossed by a network of internal and external links that give meaning and structure to the content. Translation is the result of an accurate and carefully thought-out process of negotiation in which the source text is given a new cultural and linguistic body and thus can reach unexpected readers.

ethical role

If we define translation as an act of communication, it becomes necessary to consider the message that is to be conveyed. Aware of the translator’s ethical role, we give priority to texts that we believe are able to perform cultural enrichment in the broadest sense: from art catalogues to the legal documents of a festival, from cookbooks to articles on immigration. Translating is for us above all a passion and a pleasure.

collective and plural

Our heterogeneous professional experiences and linguistic competencies converge in a collective and plural approach that leads to the production of a high quality text. The translated text will communicate the contents of the original in the best possible way and will make a positive contribution to the target culture. The target text is also the result of dialogue with the client and of the broad availability and flexibility of our service. These characteristics enable us to consider the client’s needs and requirements, to involve them in the rewriting process, when needed, and to identify precisely the target readers.

About US

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Sciarada was founded by a small group of professional translators and linguists with the aim of creating a shared virtual workspace. We chose the name “Sciarada” (the Italian for “charade”) because of our fascination for language which, by combining a finite number of elements in the creative language game, reveals its infinite forms of expression. After years of autonomous experience in the fields of translation and language teaching, we decided to work together, combining linguistic practice with cultural competencies. Our syntonic approach has enabled us to create a cohesive language studio, where the concept of professionalism does not involve serial production but rather artisanship and creativity, with the benefit of constant technological updates and actualised cultural informations. This means we are oriented to work with texts on cultural matters, such as art, design and architecture catalogues, newspaper articles, literature, as well as all social, political and environmental subjects, translating and adapting from various languages into Italian. Our clients include museums, publishing houses, newspapers and journals, NGO’s, organisations, music, art and literature festivals and other contexts in which linguistic practice meets cultural diversity. In short, our work contributes to cultural understanding, enrichment and exchange.

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Amsterdam Historisch Museum
Artemide Edizioni
BBJ consult AG
Biennale di Architettura di Venezia
Boston Scientific
Cannabis Museum di Amsterdam
Centro di Studi Erickson
Corriere della Sera
Das Mag
Dorling Kindersley Ltd
Festival Romapoesia
Galleria d’arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Bergamo
Gribaudo editore
La Stampa
Maretti Editore
Museo Willet-Holthuysen di Amsterdam
Miraggi Edizioni
No Reply Edizioni
Nuovi argomenti
Radboud Universiteit
Sfera Studios
Silvana Editoriale
SSML Vittoria di Torino
Transeuropa Edizioni
Zaans Museum di Zaandam

Our Team

Elisa Baglioni

+ 39 3288311169 (IT)
Elisa Baglioni has specialised in translation from Russian and English. Her field is Russian and Italian contemporary literature. She currently works as a freelance translator for several translation agencies and publishing houses and teaches Russian at the Victoria School for Language Mediators in Turin (SSML).
Olga Amagliani

+ 31 648820291 (NL)
+ 39 3409401011 (IT)
Olga Amagliani has a degree in translation from the School for Interpreters and Translators in Trieste and a master’s degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia Translation. She lives in the Netherlands, has more than ten years experience as a freelance translator from English, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese, and is very passionate about her work.
Martina Dominici

+ 39 6935794 (IT)
Martina Dominici completed a master’s degree in Literary Translation at the University of Utrecht and worked as a Lecturer in Italian in the Netherlands. After 6 years in The Netherlands (Amsterdam) and 5 in Spain (Granada), she currently lives in Lecce, Italy, and has been collaborating with museums, publishing houses and translation agencies since 2005. She has considerable experience in the translation of art catalogues and literature, and specialises in translation from Dutch, Spanish, English and German.


We translate and proofread only into ITALIAN, our mother tongue.

Our language combinations include:












We are willing and able to meet the special needs of our clients. For any specific requests you might have, we have a large network of language professionals we personally know and trust at our disposal.


We operate in the following fields:
Arts and Culture

Fine arts, architecture, exhibition catalogues, museum documentation, design, literature, comics, theatre, cinema, scripts, subtitles.

Travels and Tourism

Tourist guides, events, festivals.

Sustainability and Activism

Texts about anthropology, society, politics, gender studies, social justice, renewable energy, sustainability, natural health, alternative medicine, organic food industry, slow food, oenology.

And also…

Websites, magazine articles, essays, academic publications.


Every job is assigned to a specific project manager who assures the quality of the process and the final text. Thus, we ensure personalised, quick and flexible service.
A translation done by us consists of three steps: the translation itself, the translation check done by a reviewer using source and target texts, and the last reading of the final text. This way of working, which we adapt to the particular needs of each client, allows us to deliver an accurate and well-written final product.

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We check and correct translations already done by others, comparing them closely with the original to ensure accuracy and effectiveness.

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We make sure that the grammar, structure, terminology and style of a text are flawless.

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Fees may vary according to the volume, complexity and urgency of a project.
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